12 Days of Fitness: Annual Club Raffle/Giveaway

2019 12 Days of Fitness: Club Member Raffle!

We have an annual club tradition called the “12 Days of Fitness.” 

In December, we partner with health, fitness, wellness, endurance product and sports vendors to raffle off prizes, gift sets and e-gift certificates to our club members as a way to thank them for being a part of our club. 

Our 2019 club member giveaway will take place on the weekdays from December 9th through 27th.

2019 Partner Vendors

Thank you to our 2019 partner vendors for sponsoring our giveaway:
Happy Puppies Athleticwear; Bibs2Bags; WIN Detergent; The New Primal; Rip Van Wafels; Munk Pack; Drink Simple; Momentous; Drink ZYN; Beekeeper’s Naturals; Vitargo; Infinit Nutrition