100 Half Marathons Club

Guide to Walker, Slow Runner and Back-of-the-Pack Friendly Half Marathons

NOTE: This list is provided for informational purposes only as a resource for runners and race walkers.  These are the races historically known for being welcoming to athletes of all paces.  This list is not an endorsement of any specific race.  The information was gathered by athlete submissions and by the information on the races' websites.  All information is subject to change.  No race directors paid us to be on this list. 

We have tried to include every race we can based on the information on a race's website, and the suggestions of past participants.  If you know of a race that should be added to this list, please let us know here-  provide the race name, website, state and published time limit or specific race information.

The criteria to be listed: walker-friendly time limit (3:30 or more) and/or walkers and slower runners are offered an early start; finishers get a recorded race time; and aide stations, course volunteers/marshals and course direction signs are not taken down early.

100 Half Marathons Club

2015 "Best Of"  Member Survey Results

The 100 Half Marathons Club is a racing club that celebrates those who have achieved the accomplishment of completing 100 lifetime half marathons (or more), and encourages and supports those who are on the way to reaching this goal.  Our members have completed anywhere from 10 to over 250 half marathons.  We love the 13.1 race distance, and we enjoy sharing our experiences and feedback on events to help each other select better races.  For more information about our club, please visit us online at www.100halfmarathonsclub.com.

Our members fill out an annual survey to recognize their favorite half marathons by state, theme, price, overall value, and other categories.  We vote in January for the prior year.  These are the results of our 2015 member survey.

View prior year results here:

2014 Results

2015 Member Voting “Best of” Survey Results

How to "read" these results:

1. Members voted on their own personal experiences with races.  These are the races they identified as the "best of" in the categories listed below.
2. If multiple races are listed in a category, they are in no particular order.  We've listed multiple winners where there were votes that were too close to call one winner, or where there were multiple races repeatedly recommended. 
While our club has over 200 discounts for races nationwide, we do not accept paid advertisements from race directors. Our member’s responses are based strictly on their opinion and experiences.  We’re not paid to promote any of the events listed below, nor has any race paid us to be on this list.
4. If there is a race you are considering and you don't see it on the list- remember, this vote is based on actual race experiences, so if no one in the club has completed the race, they're not voting for it. 

Results Summary

There are some half marathons that really stood out in our member’s responses.  These are the races we’d call the “best of the best” based on the number of repeated praise for these events.  In no particular order, these are the races that were almost unanimously recommended by state and were nominated for several other categories.  If someone were to ask if they should do these races, the answer would be- yes, absolutely. 

Overall Best-Rated Individual Events:

Space Coast Half Marathon, Florida

Shamrock Half Marathon, Virginia

Route 66 Half Marathon, Oklahoma

Hartford Half Marathon, Connecticut

Indy 500 Festival Mini Half Marathon, Indiana

Mississippi Blues Half Marathon, Mississippi

Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon, California

Flying Pig Half Marathon, Ohio


Section 1: Best Half Marathons in US Each State

We asked our club members to list what they consider to be the best half marathon in each state.  In cases where there’s a tie, or members listed multiple events (such as in a large state), we’ve noted them all below.  Again, if there is more than one race listed per state, these races listed are in no particular order.

About 98% of our club members are in the United States, so our questions were focused on state.



First Light Half Marathon, Mercedes Half Marathon



Mayor's Midnight Sun Half Marathon



Lost Dutchman Half Marathon, Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Half Marathon



Little Rock Half Marathon



Disneyland Half Marathon, Disneyland Star Wars Half Marathon, Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon, Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon, Big Sur Half Marathon



Dreamcatcher Half Marathon, Revel Rockies Half Marathon, Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver Half Marathon



Hartford Half Marathon, Gulf Beach Half Marathon, Fairfield Half Marathon



Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon, Monster Mash Half Marathon, Caeser Rodney Half Marathon, Delaware Half Marathon



Space Coast Half Marathon, Celebration Half Marathon, Gasparilla Half Marathon, Key West Half Marathon, Melbourne Music Half Marathon, Disney Princess Half Marathon, Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon, WDW Half Marathon



Publix Georgia Half Marathon, Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Half Marathon, Galloway Half Marathon, Soldier Half Marathon



Maui Half Marathon, Kauai Half Marathon



Coeur d'Alene Half Marathon, Bear Lake Half Marathon, Famous Idaho Potato Half Marathon



Fox Valley Half Marathon, Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago, Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon, Chicago Half Marathon



Indy Mini 500 Half Marathon, Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon



Des Moines Half Marathon



Garmin Oz Half Marathon, Running with the Cows Half Marathon



Kentucky Derby Festival Mini Marathon, Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon



Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans, Baton Rouge Half Marathon



Maine Half Marathon, Race the Runways Half Marathon, Old Port Shipyard Half Marathon



Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon, Fredrick Running Festival Half Marathon



BAA Half Marathon, Salem Wicked Half Marathon, Boston’s Run to Remember Half Marathon



Detroit Free Press Half Marathon, Michigan Wine Trail Half Marathon



Med City Half Marathon



Mississippi Blues Half Marathon



Mo' Cowbell Half Marathon, Hospital Hill Half Marathon, Kansas City Half Marathon, Joplin Memorial Half Marathon



Missoula Half Marathon, Yellowstone Half Marathon



Double Half Mary, Monument Half Marathon, Lincoln Half Marathon



Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas, Hoover Dam Half Marathon, Lake Tahoe Half Marathon


New Hampshire

New Hampshire Half Marathon (Bristol), Big Lake Half Marathon, Traveler Beer New England Half Marathon


New Jersey

Atlantic City Half Marathon, E Murray Todd Half Marathon, Asbury Park Runapalooza Half Marathon, The Wild Half Marathon


New Mexico

Duke City Half Marathon


New York

New York City Half Marathon, Brooklyn Half Marathon, Syracuse Half Marathon, Wineglass Half Marathon, Celebrate Life Half Marathon


North Carolina

Race 13.1 Raleigh Half Marathon, Flying Pirate Half Marathon, Southern Fried Half Marathon (Outer Banks), City of Oaks Half Marathon, Tobacco Road Half Marathon, Thunder City Half Marathon


North Dakota

Fargo Half Marathon



Flying Pig Half Marathon, Air Force Half Marathon, Rite Aid Half Marathon, Akron Half Marathon, Run with the Amish Half Marathon



Route 66 Half Marathon, Oklahoma City Memorial Run Half Marathon



Eugene Half Marathon, Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland Half Marathon, Bridge of the Gods Half Marathon, Columbia River Gorge Half Marathon



Hershey Park Half Marathon, Dicks Pittsburgh Half Marathon, Garden Spot Village Half Marathon, Bird in Hand Half Marathon, Gore-Tex Philadelphia Half Marathon


Rhode Island

Bristol Half Marathon, Blackstone Valley Half Marathon


South Carolina

Myrtle Beach Half Marathon, Kiawah Island Half Marathon, Darlington Half Marathon


South Dakota

Leading Ladies Half Marathon, Run Crazy Horse Half Marathon



Oak Barrel Half Marathon, St. Jude Memphis Half Marathon, 4 Bridges Half Marathon, Country Music Half Marathon, Great Smoky Mountains Half Marathon



Austin Half Marathon, Cowtown Half Marathon, Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas Half Marathon, Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio Half Marathon



The Other Half Marathon, Bear Lake Half Marathon, Ogden Half Marathon



Mad Half Marathon, Covered Bridges Half Marathon, Maple Leaf Half Marathon



Shamrock Half Marathon, Marine Corps Historic Half, Richmond Half Marathon



Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon, Amica Seattle Half Marathon


West Virginia

Hatfield & McCoy Half Marathon, Marshall Half Marathon, Parkersburg News and Sentinel Half Marathon



Fox Cities Half Marathon, Brewers Mini Marathon, Madison Half Marathon, Wisconsin Half Marathon



Medicine Bow Half Marathon, Star Valley Half Marathon, Bear Lake Half Marathon, Grand Teton Half Marathon, Jackson Hole Half Marathon

Vancouver Half Marathon, Niagara Women's Half Marathon, Rock 'n' Roll Vancouver


Section 2: General Categories

The races listed below were our "top mentioned" in these categories.  We included the all of the most-frequently voted for races. Again, the winners are listed in no particular order.

Best Medal (Non-Disney and Non-Rock 'n’ Roll Series)
Space Coast Half Marathon (FL); Maine Half Marathon (ME); Bird in Hand Half Marathon (PA); Pro Football Half of Fame Half Marathon (OH); Monster Dash Half Marathon (DE); Route 66 Half Marathon (KS)

We isolated the RunDisney and Rock ‘n’ Roll race series medals from this voting category so that the wonderful medals local and regional race directors offer could be recognized.


Best Race Shirt

Space Coast Half Marathon (FL); Maine Half Marathon (ME); Gasparilla Half Marathon (FL); Route 66 Half Marathon (OK)

"Must Do In Your Lifetime" Half Marathon

 New York City Half Marathon (NY); Big Sur Half Marathon (CA); Detroit Free Press International Half Marathon (MI/Canada); Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon (CA); Avenue of the Giants Half Marathon (CA); Key West Half Marathon (FL)


"The Course Almost Killed Me, But It Was Soooo Worth It" Half Marathon

 Mount Desert Island Half Marathon (ME); Mad Half Marathon (VT); Oak Barrel Half Marathon (TN); Hatfield/McCoy Half Marathon (WV); Garden Village Spot Half Marathon (PA)


Most Scenic Half Marathon

Mount Desert Island Half Marathon (ME); Big Sur Half Marathon (CA); Mad Half Marathon (VT); Newport Half Marathon (RI); Sedona Half Marathon (AZ)


Best Value Half Marathon ($30 or less)

Colchester Half Marathon (CT); Run Michigan Cheap races (MI); Fly With the Eagles Half Marathon (IL)

Best Low-Medium Price Range Race ($30-$50)

Mobile First Light Half Marathon (AL); Celebrate Life Half Marathon (NY); Ocean State Multisport races (RI)

Best Big Bucks Race That’s Worth the Registration Fee ($100 or more)

Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas (NV); Space Coast Half Marathon (FL); Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon (CA); Disneyland Star Wars Half Marathon


The Half Marathon You'd Do Every Single Year If You Could

Top results- in no particular order.

Bird in Hand Half Marathon (PA); Missoula Half Marathon (MT); Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon (IN); Shamrock Half Marathon (VA), Hartford Half Marathon (CT); Wineglass Half Marathon (NY); New York City Half Marathon (NY); Detroit Free Press Half Marathon (MI); Big Sur Half Marathon (CA); Space Coast Half Marathon (FL); Route 66 Half Marathon (OK); Flying Pig Half Marathon (OH)

Best Multi-Day Event or Race Series

Mainly Marathons Series (nationwide); Shamrock Virginia Beach Dolphin Challenge (VA); Run Disney challenges (FL and CA); Florida Road Races Series (FL); Vacation Races Half Marathons (nationwide); Flying Pig (OH); Revel Races (west coast); Brazen Racing (CA); Best Damn Race Series (FL); Bear Lake Series


Best Communication From a Race Director
Vacation Races Half Marathons (multiple events)
; Space Coast Half Marathon (FL); Baltimore Running Festival (MD); J&A Racing (VA- multiple events); Route 66 Half Marathon (OK)


Best Swag Bag / Race Goodie Bag

Maine Half Marathon (ME); Flying Pig Half Marathon (OH); Mississippi Blues Half Marathon (MS); Niagara Women’s Half Marathon (Canada); Gasparilla Half Marathon (FL)

Best Spectators / Community Support

Fargo Half Marathon (ND); Flying Pig Half Marathon (OH); Missoula Half Marathon (MT); Detroit Free Press Half Marathon (MI); Hartford Half Marathon (CT;Gasparilla Half Marathon (FL); Shamrock Half Marathon (VA); Richmond Half Marathon (VA)


Best Volunteers

New York City Half Marathon (NY); Richmond Half Marathon (VA); Flying Pig Half Marathon (OH); Run Disney half marathons; Mainly Marathons (series)

Best On-Course Entertainment (music, live bands, displays, etc.)

Fargo Half Marathon (ND); Shamrock Virginia Beach Half Marathon (VA); Disneyland Star Wars Half Marathon (CA); Indy 500 Festival Mini Marathon (IN); Richmond Half Marathon (VA)

Best Destination Half Marathon

Key West Half Marathon (FL); Hoover Dam Half Marathon (NV); Maui Half Marathon (HI); Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon (NV); Big Sur Half Marathon (CA)


Best Trail Half Marathon

Note: we did not define what we meant by “trail.”  Members nominated races that were all trail, half trail/half road, etc.

1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon (PA); Yellowstone Half Marathon (MT); Wolf Hollow Half Marathon (NH); Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon (DE)

Best Flat and Fast Half Marathon Course
Indy Monumental Half Marathon (IN)
; Shamrock Half Marathon (VA); Baystate Half Marathon (MD); Kiawah Island Half Marathon (SC); Space Coast Half Marathon (FL); Gulf Beach Half Marathon (CT); Celebration Half Marathon (FL)


Best "Is This A Race Or Just Really A Huge Party?" Half Marathon

Beat the Blerch Half Marathons (nationwide); Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon (NV); Route 66 Half Marathon (OK); Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Half Marathon (LA); Shamrock Half Marathon (VA); Mainly Marathons races (nationwide); Flying Pig Half Marathon (OH); Miami Half Marathon (FL- January)


Best Women's-Themed Half Marathon

Diva Half Marathon (series); Detroit Women's Half Marathon; Niagara Women’s Half Marathon (Canada); Indy Women's Half Marathon

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