Membership Benefits and Guidelines

Benefits of the 100 Half Marathon Club membership include the following:

  • Quarterly newsletter featuring the stories of other club members, race reviews, tips, and more
  • A central, secure website for locating club-exclusive discount codes on race entry fees and endurance products/gear
  • Membership referral credits: we think you should be thanked for referring others to join our club! When new members sign up, we ask them to let us know who referred them.  We track members that refer other new members, and will offer referral rewards. 
  • Private, spammer-free group on Facebook
  • Networking/connections with amazing people from around the world who enjoy half marathons as much as you do
  • Annual “best of” member voting on races/events
  • Pre-made “race anniversary” bibs for download (50th half marathon, 100th half marathon, 150th half marathon, etc) to help you celebrate your milestones
  • Motivation and inspiration from other members to help you keep your personal goals on track
  • Bragging rights with like-minded folks
  • Our club-organized online guide to races that are time-limit friendly for walkers and back-of-the-packers
  • Roomshare/rideshare connections
  • Member giveaways and raffles (free race entries or products)
  • We do not accept advertising revenue from race directors, so you can feel free to discuss/get honest feedback on events

Membership Guidelines

This club is open to all worldwide who have completed at least 10 lifetime half marathons.  There are no rules regarding where, when or how long it takes you to achieve this goal.  Runners, walkers, and athletes of all abilities are welcome.  If you are under the age of 18, we need parental or guardian consent to process your membership.  Members are welcome from all around the world.

We chose to open this club up to those on their way to completing 100 lifetime half marathons to provide a place where they can get the support, feedback and encouragement of others.  Our goal is to provide a place where members can request honest opinions about events, help each other reduce expenses via cost-saving tips or ride sharing, motivate and inspire each other, and more.

Whether your goal is to reach 100 half marathons in two years or twenty years; whether you run, walk or roll; and whether you do your races locally or complete them in all fifty states or in other countries- we welcome you!

Although our members are often affiliated with many regional, national or international racing or endurance groups, we not affiliated with any other racing club, organization, or race/event organizers.

There is no time limit to complete your 100 half marathons.  We know it’s a goal that you are excited to accomplish. Just make sure your personal health and safety come first!

Disclaimer and Safety Notice
Do not begin an exercise program without consulting with your doctor.  Our club does not provide training programs or instructions.  We are not responsible for any physical or financial harm faced by any club or aspiring club members.  Members follow the advice, opinions and suggestions of other members at their own risk.  When you participate in endurance events or races of any distance, you are responsible for any illness, injury or financial loss related to traveling to, training for, and/or completing an event.   Members participate in events at their own risk.   When you join the 100 Half Marathons Club, you waive and release our officers, financial and web hosting partners, and other members of any liability or claims for damages from participating in these types of events.

Membership Terms of Service:
We have three basic membership terms of service.

1) Have fun! If we’re not having fun participating in races and interacting with each other, then what’s the point? 

2) Be nice or leave. We expect all members to interact with each other in a respectful manner. We know there will be disagreements on issues/topics, and most people can work through disagreements or difference of opinion while being respectful of each other.  We will not tolerate bullying, name-calling, discrimination of, or harassment of members.  We also expect that our members will not spam or repeatedly post links to personal blogs.

We have zero tolerance for discrimination, bullying or hate in our club, our community and our sport. This has been part of our club guidelines from day one. We want to reaffirm to everyone that our club is a welcoming, supportive, inclusive community with no place for hate or judgement. From the beginning, we have supported and encouraged inclusiveness, diversity, respect, and integrity for all. Racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of hatred have no place here.

3) Don’t cheat. Members will be removed from the club or denied entry into the club for cheating in races.  This includes cutting the course, having another person wear your bib to get you a qualifying time for another race, etc.  

Along the lines of “don’t cheat” is an important request- do not share our exclusive, club member-only race discount codes with others who are not in the club.  Do not share or post these discount codes on social media, on other racing club boards/sites, or on retail discount sites.  We personally contact every single race director for the discounts we receive, and we are given these discounts for club use only. Some race directors even have us send them a club roster to verify proper usage.  

We reserve the right to deny membership to any individuals who may have been removed or banned from other athletic or racing clubs due to behavior that would be disruptive to the club, or for a prior history of event cheating.